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Narriman Subrati | gartner + bloom PC

narriman subrati

Vera Tsai
NARRIMAN SUBRATI, an insurance defense litigator, practices in Gartner + Bloom’s construction and general liability defense groups, representing contractors and insurance companies. As an insurance defense litigator, she has handled matters dealing with New York Labor Law, premises liability, property damage, motor vehicle law and general negligence matters.  She is proficient in managing all phases of discovery and trial preparation including pretrial court appearances, depositions and selection of expert witnesses. Narriman possesses a proven track record for zealously representing her clients and obtaining favorable outcomes through motion practice, savvy negotiations and alternate dispute resolutions.

After graduating law school, Narriman was an in-house counselor at a prominent no-fault insurance defense firm on Wall Street where she regularly attended arbitration hearings, mediations and trials. Prior to joining Gartner + Bloom, Narriman was an associate at Westermann Sheehy Keenan Samaan & Aydelott, LLP, where she effectively handled all aspects of civil litigation and insurance defense cases from inception. Several of her clients included general contractors, subcontractors, sureties and construction managers.

Narriman received her Juris Doctor from Hofstra University School of Law in 2012 and her Bachelor of Arts from New York University in 2009, where she was named to the Dean’s List.